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Help with some silver 18th Century French Jetons will be very appreciated.

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I obtained a group of French jetons in a bulk deal.I know what a jeton is, but I have no experience collecting them, nor do I have any catalogues dealng with such.The variety in general is mnd boggling, the artistry on some is excellent. With the obvious low mintages the value for nice examples is criminally low. This causes more disdain for the U.S. coin market. I will stop before I start.

I realize I need to get the pics posted , I am also having problems with that. I am usually not this braindead, just the navigation on this site is giving me trouble. If anyone can help me out, I will definitely appreciate it. I look forward to learning about these jetons as well. Thabk youm

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The easiest way to post pictures is to use one of the free sites like "Photobucket" etc, then you just click on the blue header in your post, just below the orange "A" and the yellow "Smiley face" on the picture frame and post the direct link.




Please do not hesitate to ask for more advice if you need more help.

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