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German 10 Pfenning needs


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Recently I purchased 93 German 10 Pfennings from Stujoe. Seeing as I love German coins I decided to collect all the 10 Pfennings I can. Below is a list of the ones I still need:


1966 D

1967 G J

1968 D F G J

1970 D G J

1971 D

1972 G J

1973 D F G

1974 D F G J

1975 D F G J

1976 D G J

1977 D F G J

1978 G

1981 G

1983 D

1984 D G J

1986 D G J

1987 D J

1988 J

1989 D

1990 G

1991 G

1992 F

1993 A D F

1994 A D F G J

1995 A D F J

1996 A D G J

1997-2001 A D F G J


This list will be updated whenever I aquire a new coin. The conditions can range from VF-UNC. I will even take proofs! The price really isn't much of a concern but won't pay much more than book value (90% of these are dirt cheap).


Just let me know what you have and we can make a deal. May pay more if you have a lot of coins like 30+ I need.


Oh yeah, please see my other Want to Buy topic for others. I have a wide range of wants :ninja:



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