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Victoria farthing


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They also refer to the fact that Victoria, as a woman, was not eligible to succeed to the throne of Hannover, which only males could inherit; so, after the death of her uncle, William IV, in 1837, that throne went instead to another uncle - Ernest.

These very common little brass tokens were distributed as a form of grievance at this.

Britain had no similar bar to female monarchs.

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That is fascinating. I have many tokens, given me as a boy, and now in retirement I have time to sort through them. Some are rather obscure. For example, a halfpenny token, 1791, with St Andrew and his cross on one face, and just a ship on the other, no inscription. Obviously Scottish, perhaps Edinburgh, or maybe Leith as that was the port for Edinburgh at the time. Perhaps I should be starting a new thread for a different coin?

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It is an 18th Century Provincial Token, Dalton & Hamer lists it as Edinburgh #50, which has an inscription around the edge, if it as an engrailed edge(ridges) no inscription it is #50a.




You can download a free flip book here http://provincialtokencoinage.weebly.com/ scroll down to the top of the blue page, to the right click on the red "Download"

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