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some other items that I have picked up

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Silver with gold plating. Very nice. I think your local shop must have a pretty nice offering.

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I belive they are only flash plated, I'm glad that it appears that I'm the lnly only one that collects the exonumia, over a wide genre. He does have a nice selection of higher end CWT and other high end tokens that I'm not interested in.

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Nice obverse design caught my eye, being a rock hound,mining and mines interest.

I known these are "foreign coins" , but because of the subject matter on them and they came out in a series every year. I classify them as exonumia. Since we are cat people, and help with a cat rescue and TNR for feral cats.I like these. Isle of Mann crowns that depict a different breed of cat each year.




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Nice finds. I've seen the cat series coins. They're really neat. Like the prospector too. Have a few of those somewhere. It's nice that you support feral cats. The benefits to the animals are obvious but there are lots of benefits to our fellow humans from such activities too. Not to mention the benefits to us and our families. Good going.

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