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The numismatic collector’s market all across Europe and the UK have become particularly lively over the last few years. The UK itself boasts quite a few well-respected auction houses, mostly in and around London. Whilst these houses have been doing steady business for hundreds of years in some cases, the majority of the new activity in numismatic markets has been online.

The numismatic investment market is still somewhat thinly capitalized compared to the bullion market, it is expanding steadily and offers investors and hobbyists alike a chance to explore something they are passionate about and set aside a substantial nest-egg for the future.

Coins offer several distinct advantages as investments, compared to more traditional portfolios:

• Numismatic collections are real, tangible assets. They can be kept in your home or on deposit in a trusted bank. This is important, as many investment portfolios are abstract ‘paper’ assets, which can seemingly be wiped out without warning.

• Compared to other tangible investments, Collectible coins are quite small, and require much less in the way of careful storage than fine art, for example. A simple safe will usually suffice.

• As coins are portable assets, and can be physically traded as the owner sees fit, without reliance on third parties.

• The coins themselves have a substantial aesthetic beauty, and are a joy to a true collector’s heart. Each coin tells a story; many have passed through the hands of monarchs, great traders and the makers of empires. They are physical representations of the systems of finance and trade which made the modern world possible.

• The Numismatic market is a truly international one. A valuable coin is just a salable in Sydney, Paris or New York as it is in London.

• With few exceptions, the prices of investment grade coins have a history of steadily increasing value. Few other investments can make the same claim.

• Prices in numismatic markets are much less volatile than for other types of investments. That means that market research and pricing strategy can be a relaxed, long-term affair, with none of the eyes-glued-to-the-screen anxiety of other investment options.

In the end, numismatic investments offer a much more enriching experience for the collector-who-invests, rather than for the investor-in-collections.The fact that there is a substantial amount of profit to be made is almost a secondary concern.

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