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Garfield Memorial Badge

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Medals such as yours were routinely issued in the late 1800s and early 1900s for events such as the dedication of the Garfield Mausoleum. They were sold at the ceremony dedicating the mausoleum. I cannot tell who made it, but there is a good chance it was made by a Chicago firm given its general look. It is of a size known as a so-called dollar and it is known without the hole for a hanger, but it is not included in the so-called dollar catalog. That is not unusual as the catalog was published in 1964 and many more possible pieces have been recorded by collectors. Yours is likely to be included in a future so-called dollar catalog. A second version of a mausoleum medal is known as well. There could be others.


Value depends on many factors. So-called dollar collectors generally prefer unholed pieces. I like the pieces with intact badge parts (the ribbon and hanger). The number of interested collectors would also influence the price. I would guess it would sell for $50 to $75 (i.e. that is the price range in which I would be a player on Ebay). It could go for $100 to $200 if several people were bidding on it.


You have a collectible piece, scarce, but actual value depends on the interest of buyers since it is not in the catalogs, badges generally sell for less than pieces unholed, and the depth of the market is unknown.


A dealer might offer $15 or so given the uncertainty of value.

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