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A 3 parter, Dimes, Nickles and quarters what doe I look for in Pre 1964's?


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As most known I'm not a coin collector, but a token and medal collector. Going thu my parents stash they really weren't collectors or hobbyists as the members of this forum. My mother never meet a statehood quarter she didn't like. Neither the blue and red books, with the mintage numbers and prices could convince her that they will more than likely be worth more than a quarter. and that there are plenty of rolled from mint out there tht uncirc. wil probably never get above .30. I have started to go thru the hoard as it were.

Mostly newer coinage that have been rolled and turned in to the bank to put back in circ.

My 3 part question is.


1. From 1964 on back for quarters washigton and standing lib's are there any that I should be on the look out for that are in good condition?

2. Also nickles both jeff's and buffalo's

3. Also dimes, pre 1964 rosie's and merc's


Mostly the important dates, along with pre war nickles or any other things that woud make them worth ore than face value?


Thanks in advance.

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Of course all of the silver coins are worth far more than face value in any condition. War nickels ditto. Buffalo nickels can be sold to folks who like then for jewelry items - coins without dates mostly. All Buffalo nickels with a full or good partial date can be sold for collections. Prices are not necessarily high but better than face value.


As are as dates/mm/varieties...the list is far too long. There are key and semi-key coins in each series. I'll try to put some info together on here for you but right now I don't have the time to do that. I usually keep them all.

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