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Picteals are real...1973D ike dollar

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you are going to see the coin i have been learning from as there is nothing that will or could teach you. as in books or as in no one.this coin will not only show you picteals are real but will lead the way of my theory. so this is the ONE as in first coin to begin a new generation of coin collecting.


Picteals(pick-T"eel"or "s") is a word i created for my new findings or discovery.


Picteals, it is of any images from any other minted coin, comic characters, lonney tunes, disney, just coins made at any mint in the world and also dont forget money coins of any year before the year of your cion. Let me show you the one that has been with me for the last 12 months of my studies, the 1972D Ike Dollar...give me a few minutes my dad just showed up, maybe for some coffee and a chat. be right back.

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you are really going to love the group images of each story left wing is where I first seen them snow with and 7 dwarfs, wizard of oz., the three bears I don't remember seeing Goldie, and the whole gang of Winnie the pooh.... and others there is also a lot of star wars. Remember it is a 1972 dollar I rally don't know if some were created back then but they are on the coin...

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if you zoom in on to your right of the last image you will be able to see about i say there are 25 figures sitting next to each other and way in the background there is snow white lying down asleep where it is shaded in blue color...LOL i am not kidding sounds crazy but they do line up with the layouts for each design. just look at Dumbo at the top of this coin of my last image or the many birds on the legs of the eagle.

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