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Peace Dollar Fillers


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Regards to putting together the set, I know I want to try and get the highest grade possible, however at this point , I am just looking to fill some holes. Any suggestions on certains dates , which ones to hold off on till the hiher grade can be obtained ??? Thanks for your time ....

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Great question. Do you have a copy of "The Guide Book of United States Coins," better known as the Red Book? If so, I recommend going in order of which coins have the highest mintages (or lowest values).


Actually, it's even easier than that. When you're going to a coin shop, find the coin that looks the best to you (and, if you're lucky, is already graded very highly) AND that you can comfortably afford. Buy it.


After a while (years), you'll have most of the coins in the series in very high grades. Then you'll be left with the big ones. That is the case for me. I started with the smaller dates and I only have one or two coins left - the most expensive and rarest ones. I've seen plenty of them for sale but I'm waiting for the right one to add to my collection. I don't know when I'll find it, but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

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I have obtained the complete series ... One or two maybe graded , however, I was just looking to complete the set. Some very nice coins. Currently working on completing my ASE Set... Last coin is the Rare 1995 W Proof .... I have been checking prices ... Any advise on buying that Gem ???? Tracy

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Yes, I have completed my peace dollar collection.. ( Flilled all the slots) ..  Maybe as time goes on I look to have them replaces with higher grades..


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No Need to be ... I was able to obtain a few graded PCGS/NGC at a great price. Belonging to the Baltimore Coin Club has its perks .... I should have listened to your advice regarding your buying practice. Now that I have at least 8 graded, I am looking to either submit or buy the rest graded.  I agree with you ... Beautiful Coin !! 

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