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Questions on the plastic encased proof sets?


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My parents while they were collecting coins. Buying from the mint proof sets, 3 to 5 each year from mid 70's till the 90's00's don't remember when. Well they were paying the going mint rate each year. Of course you couldn't tell my mother that they would never be worth any thing other than face value. My dad said she insisted on buying them each year. And when I was at the LCS going thru his token bargian bins. I noticed he was selling some for about $3.00 each set. I also have the coin book that shows what the average coin dealer is supposed to be buying coins at.

First question is what grade would the proof set coins be called?

And would it be better to crack the plastic and place each coin in a 2x2?

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Grade varies depending on the condition of the dies when the coins were struck. Most will be PF64 or above. The matter on the cases is heavily dependent on personal use. I'd leave them alone. Taking them out of the mint cases will lower the value in most cases.

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They cost about $11.00 when they bought them and now they are only worth a couple of dollars when you try to sell them. That's why I was wondering if they would be worth more as unc proof coins?

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