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Have a question on value of rolls of pennies?


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I'm trading rolls of pennies for tokens I am now getting in to some rolls that are found on the street the dates in the rolls are from the 20's to60's/70's I looked on flea bay. and when I suggested the number of rolls for the latest swap. I guess from the reaction I gave to many of the rolls along with not taking some rolls out to cover the shipping. That deal is done and can't be undone. But when the next one comes along I would like to be better equiped.

The rolls are as follows

1920's to 1960's/70's

1940's to 1990's

1959's pre 1981 rolls

They also may contain Canadain's of the same vintages.

I would like a reasonable dollar amount to ask for the rolls, I have been doing .50 for each roll of the 1959 to pre 1981 rolls. Since thats what the bank would pay and of course the same with the 82's to present rolls.

I am not a coin collector, nor do I want to become a CRH or error hunter. I only have an interest in tokens! :clown2:

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Cent rolls at our local coin club go this way.


Wheaties - general mix 3x face


wheaties - 10s-20s not culls 5x face


wheaties - 30s-40s not culls 4x face


non wheaties - face value

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Ok thanks that what I had an Idea of, what I forgot to do is deduct the $13.00 postage on the med box. I didn't look through them other than to figure out the date spread. They are what my mother put in the rolls after she found the coins. She would never spend the found money, she saved it from the late forties. :clown2:

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