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I never really understood this coin until I read a great article from a gentleman who collect these types of coins.


**The first large group of Norwegians arrived in America in 1825 via the sloop Restaurationen; they arrived in New York. As immigrants from Norway eventually became a large and important part of the US population, the Norse-American medal was sponsored and struck to mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first immigrant group and was issued as part of the event's celebration in 1925.


There were only 33,750 of these Norse THICK medals made and Anthony Swiatek has suggested that 2,000 may have been returned to the Mint for melting.


Very interesting medal. In 2011, this coin sold at an auction for 3250.00 and today they are selling for about 325.00 a ridiculous decrease in price. This is a great piece of history of the US and in my opinion it should be priced higher than 325.00


Thank you for reading!






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I checked these on ebay and the prices are truly amazing. Both NGC and PCGS certifiied examples are available for around $600 in both thick and thin formats and great conditions. I'm thinking some additional research is in order and then maybe time to purchase a set - thick and thin to hold for the great grandson.


Here's a link to my search. Don't know if it will work for everyone.


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