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Separating coppers from zinc pennies before rolling?


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Separating copper pennies fron zincs when rolling? I'm a token collector not a coin collector first off. My mother was a coin collector,[:D] She never meet a state quarter she didn't have to keep, But that's another story. She has about 7 to 10, 3 pound coffee cans filled with pennies.

I have been separating the Canadians out since they seem to have some value to collectors that don't get them daily in change.

But after going thru a couple of cans, separating the pre-1982's ( i am not going to way them to pull the coppers out.

So I have been doing rolls of 1981 and earlier mostly from the late fifties and newer so far.

This is what I have been told to do, by a couple of coin collectors I know. Because they claim that you can see the pre-81 rolls for a premium.

First question is it true that they can be sold for a premium above the roll value?

Other than saving them for their copper/zinc melt value. Is it worth it? It is an activity during Boob tube watching, so I'm not doing this on its own.

And no I don't have any interest in coin collecting!


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The effort of separating the copper cents is ok if you enjoy doing that sort of thing and you do it while digging through the mass of cents for treasures. The potential return for such work is so low as to make it unreasonable.

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