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William/George IV circa 1831, Oops,

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This is a most unusual find, it is not listed in BHM or Battys , thought


Batty; 5053J
O.—Two Busts to right, "William and Adelaide."
R.—A Crown between Roses, Thistles, and Shamrocks, "Union is the Bond of Peace." Brass.

well apart from, "UNION HIS THE BOND OF PEACE" mistake on the reverse and WR/IV under the crown, the obverse with the inscription "WILLIAM IV KING OF GREAT BRITAIN" encircles an engraved image of George IV, not William.




It is 26mm white metal and might just be unique, perhaps the engraver had a liquid lunch.

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You think so? Cool find! Any other references or folks you will reach out to to verify a population (or lack therof)

No other reference that I know of. Perhaps someone will read this post and be able to supply some info.


I spotted the spelling mistake on the rear & could not find any reference on-line, so I brought it and it was not till I looked at it later did I realize the George/William error, so that was a very pleasant surprise :)

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A very rough & ready Photoshop image(prompted by a comment of Figleaf on another forum), by rotating the edge lettering relative to the central image it looks so much better.






This appears to be another piece by the same unknown engraver, after having a "dry lunch", also unlisted and unfortunately not mine







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