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Queen Caroline 1820

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BHM# 1029 by ? T. Kettle

AE RRR. Br. RRR. 26mm.


Really nice piece. :bthumbsup:

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Wow what year could it be from?

It was struck in 1820 the time of what is known as "The Trial of Queen Caroline"


As soon as George IV became king in 1820, Caroline immediately returned to England to claim her place as Queen of England. Outraged, and seeking a divorce, George pressured Parliament to prepare a bill to strip Caroline of her title and end the marriage by Act of Parliament. A divorce through the ecclesiastical courts was difficult for the King given his own embarrassingly scandalous love life, and the bill in Parliament was considered the most expedient mode of attaining a divorce. The passage of the bill through Parliament became a spectacular cause celebre.



This example has obviously had a pampered life.

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The rarity rating in Brown's British Historical Medals ranges from;


CC = very common

C = common

N = normal

R = rare

RR = very rare

RRR = extremely rare

RRRR = highest rarity


He himself assigns no exact numbers to the ratings, but it is assumed RRRR. is unique to 9, RRR. 10-20 etc. This might appear to be out of line with Norway's RRR. 2-3 but allowance must be made for population difference, approx 5 million to England's 53 million.

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