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2015 March of Dimes Set


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Has anyone seen and decided to order the March of Dimes set with the Silver dollar and two different Roosevelt dimes. One reverse proof from Philadelphia and a proof finish from West Point. Both in 90% silver. A must-have for my dime set.

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Yep, I will order the 5 sets allowed. I see that a dealer is paying a premium to those buying these for him. I'm selling a house 3 hours away, and the closing date is anytime soon. Although I want to finish the sale, I'm hoping that it isn't on Monday! I can order on the phone, but probably stand a better chance on the Mint's website. Set's mintage is only 75,000!


BTW, this is my first post here!!!!

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I ordered at noon of release and now this ..........


The three-coin March of Dimes Special Silver Set is still being sold on the U.S. Mint website for $61.95 each.

There was an initial rush of interest yesterday as within approximately 40 minutes of the commencement of order acceptance at noon Eastern Daylight Time the Mint had posted a message that the sets were on back order to allow more sets to be made with expected an expected shipping date of Aug. 14.

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