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Medal for Outstanding Civic Service, silver.

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This is my Holy Grail; the Medal for Outstanding Civic Service 1819 edition in silver.

The Medal for Outstanding Civic Service is the highest ranked civil Norwegian medal. The medal was first established by Royal Resolution April 10, 1819 and later altered by Royal Resolution April 13, 1844. It was awarded by the King after recommendation by the Norwegian Government.

The 1819 edition was minted in 101 copies where one was sent to the Coin Cabinet at the University of Oslo, Norway. The awarded medal should be turned in when the receiver died, and when a new edition was struck the receivers was encouraged to trade the old medal for a new one which the family could keep. There are a few copies in pewter and a few iron castings of the medal among collectors.

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I am not familiar with the work of Forrer, but it is no surprise since all the books covering this medal writes 100.


They ordered 100 medals but struck 101, since they had to deliver one to the Coin Cabinet. This according to the protocols at the Royal Mint at Kongsberg.

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Leonard Forrer, "Biographical Dictionary of Medallists, coin, gem, & seal-engravers, mint-masters-ancient & modern in 8 vol."


I had no doubt you were right re 101, I just thought the engraver & date struck were of interest, Forrer would have just repeated what he had read.

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You can access Forrer here, just scroll down to find http://www.worldofcoins.eu/forum/index.php/topic,28876.0.html & here just scroll down to locate as well , this set is sometimes restricted sometimes not http://www.digitalbookindex.org/_search/refsearchbiodict.asp today it seems half are open, the rest restricted.


Forrer is a good resource but not always 100% reliable, which is to be expected. To anyone who is trying to identify an engraver it is indispensible.

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