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Graded PMG Notes, need help!


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I am fairly new to PMG graded notes collecting and I need your advice on something. I was offered some pretty expensive PMG graded notes and before I spend a lot of money I have a question. Does anyone know if there are a lot of faked or forged PMG notes? I would really appreciate very much any help or advise that you can give me.


Thank You, Andrew



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Welcome to the hobby! As a new collector, before you dive into buying a lot of expensive notes, I would recommend that you take some time and decide that you want the notes, and not pursue an impulse buy. There are those who will disparage the 3rd party graders, and those who will extol their virtues, it is up to you to decide for yourself. OK - 'Nuff said on that, as I don't want to lecture.


There are several grading companies out there, and more popping up each year. As you may well know, the two largest are still PMG and PCGS and they have the best overall reputation thus far.


While I have heard of some instances of over and under-grading, and even some mis - attribution of notes, those instances are, rare. We hear of them often because of the availability of the Internet forums and the desire to tell stories of unfortunate happenings... but they are, given the vast amount of notes out there, quite rare instances.I have not heard much of graded notes being forged. I do remember in the past couple of years that someone was seeing a note that they bought in China being a faked graded note, but that was only one instance.


One way to aid in this is to check the serial number on the Holder the note is in. You can verify that this serial number corresponds to the note inside. Most grading companies offer this service. Here are the links for PMG: http://www.pmgnotes.com/grading/NoteVerification.aspx and the other link for PCGS: http://www.pcgscurrency.com/cert/


You can help to verify these notes in this manner. It is not an absolute guarantee, as a good counterfeiter will replicate this too, but I have not yet heard of anyone doing such a thing.


Hope it all works out for you. If you get them, don't forget to share the images with us here! We love to see what others get, too.

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Here is additional link for PMG about holders, they have holographic patterns, embossed pattern, UV watermarks and etc.:



I would just like to advise caution, many sellers overprice TPG graded notes - they submit common notes for bulk grading and then overprice them 4x,5x it goes even to 10x (I have seen 2$ notes selling for 40$ in holders).

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