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Searching for banknotes from Peru, Jamaica and Argentina


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I'm a director of animation films and now I'm working on a project where all the characters are portraits from banknotes.

Three of my general characters are Jose de San Martin (Argentina, sinco pesos, 1992 year), Garcilaso Inca de la Vega (Peru, 10 000 soles de oro) and a pretty woman from Jamaica (she appears on several banknotes in the same pose).


In order to obtain a good quality of a picture I need to find this banknotes in a good resolution (only front side, with portraits).

Scan with 600 dpi or good photo.


I would realy appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.

The images are attached below.


Thank you in advance!




ArgentinaP341a-5Pesos-(1992)-donatedsb_f .jpg



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Hello Eugene!


There are several sites that you can try. I found them easily on http://banknoteindex.com/ (Cannot link to actual images, sorry.

just by typing in the country, denomination and year. There is also http://banknoteworld.com/

that is very good too.

There is a sister site to this one, http://www.banknotebank.com/ that has several images as well. Some links are below.








Oh, and the pretty lady is actually the Queen of England, a few years back.

Best of luck! If possible, show your project off here when you can.

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