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There was 2,000 struck in bronze, 106 in silver and 2 in gold. A small number of the bronze medals were taken on the voyage to present to natives, they had a hole in the edge above the head and an inserted pin with a movable loop, these are very rare. The regular ones are classed as normal rarity and might or might not have gone on the voyage. 2,000 is quite a high initial number struck but how many still exist is an unknown but Brown in BHM rates the bronze still as normal rarity.


Bronze gilt is RRR. silver R. gold RRRR. bronze N. and with suspention loop RR.

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Apparently the ones with loops, or originally had loops, are nearly always in poor condition.


Mostly found in New Zealand where they were presented to the Maoris, since they were not brought by collectors who stored them in cabinets etc but were worn by the natives that accounts for the condition.


If i had a choice between an original non-looped one in great condition or a looped one in poor condition I would probably go for the looped one, as it went on the voyage for certain & could have been worn by a Maoris Chief or elder, whereas the other might never have left England.

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