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Help with a Salzburg Thaller

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I hope I've selected the correct forum for this...


I've encountered a 1699 Salzburg Thaller which stroke me as a little weird.
This coin has some sort of engraving on it which I couldn't find anywhere on the internet.
Apart from that, the coin seems relatively standard for a Salzburg Thaller but that engraving seems odd to me and I'd like to hear your opinion on its significance (or lack of).
In addition, I'd very much like to hear a 3rd party assessment of the coins value.
Thanks in advance!

The side with the odd engraving:



The other side of the coin:


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The engraving is from a later date. It looks like it might have had a loop added at one time that has been removed. It was perhaps worn on a necklace or carried as a pocket piece.

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