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Nurnberg medal - any information?

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Its about 69mm, and heavy, uniface, the planchet does not seem to be of even thickness from one side as compared to the other. I believe its pretty old. The lower left (the harpy) and right arms are the older and newer of Nurnberg (Nuremberg), respectively. The botton center arms seem to be a rampant lion supporting the arms of Nurnberg. The top arms, the double headed eagle, were those of the Holy Roman Empire, and the double headed eagle is sometimes seen with the arms shown lower left and right, with the whole melange said to be the arms of Nurnberg. Nurnberg was a Free CIty of the Holy Roman Empire until Napoleon dissolved the Empire in 1806. The Parliaments (Reichstags) of the Empire met frequently in Nurnberg Castle. It appears to have been possibly painted or plated, at any rate covered with something to give it a gold or coppery appearance, which covering has now blackened and is peeling in places. The inscription is "NOSTRAE CHRISTUS FUNDAMENTUM SALUTIS". To either side of the pointy bottom of the uppermost arms, almost in the center, are the initials "V." on the left and "F." on the right. Somebody with the initial V Fecit? Any information, speculation welome.unknown german  2 and three quarters 1.JPG

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Georg Wilhelm Vestner used V F


Georg Wilhelm Vestner and Andreas Vestner
Kommissionsverlag Uni-print , 1984 - Medals - 652 pages



"books.google.ca/books?id=T5saAAAAYAAJ - Translate this page
Francisca Bernheimer - 1984 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
Vs. : Vier Wappenschilder des Kaisers und der Stadt Nürnberg zwischen Palmen und Lorbeerzweigen. Sig. : V.F. Leg. : FVNDAMENTVM SALVTIS NOSTRAE CHRISTVS Rs.: 12 Zeilen: AD RECOLENDAM PI AM MEMORIAM AB AVORVM" This is a double sided medal.
If you can locate a copy in a library it might help you, good luck.
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