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Depends on scanning for WHAT? Remember there are many things to scan for. Type of coin? Marks? Wear? Dirt? Info such as date, mint, etc. Yes recently someone did try that for grading coins. It really doesn't work well. To many variables possibly. I would guess that it could be done with all the technology we have today. Yet all the top, and maybe all, TPGS's still use people to grade coins. Wonder why? Although people make mistakes, try imagining the program required to do all that is needed in that field.

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Imagining a coin properly is not easy. When I started to photograph my coins, I literally took hundreds of useless pictures. In fact, I haven't done it in so long I probably forgot how!


If you are thinking about using a scanner, well it works........but the coins always look flat and bland. You don't get any luster, hardly any color on toned coins, and the images just are boring. Heck, some cell phones take darn good photos now! I bet a cheap-o $200 camera could do a great job.

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