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Gloves, Handwash, Any ideas?


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Two answer - 1) I only handle it a couple of times a year and they remain in their plastic sleeves. 2) When I do touch them, I either touch just the sides or I handle them gently. I guess I never thought about the oils on my hand damaging them. I guess if all the oils of so many other peoples' hands haven't degraded the note, then mine won't hurt either.


What sort of notes are you handling?

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I've seen notes that have had all types of oils and grime on them and they seem to hold up just fine, even those over 150 years old! The thing I would really be worried about would be stains and sticky stuff getting on the notes. once placed in the holders, I usually just leave them in there unless I need to change them for some reason.


I certainly make sure my hands are clean. But I never wear gloves. Even the thinnest gloves remove the tactile senses from the hands and I am certain that I would cause more damage with gloves when handling paper.


As far as cleanliness, I make sure that I don't have dirt, grime, etc., when I wash my hands. But I am also careful to fully rinse them with plenty of warm water so that there is no chemical residue from any soaps - just in case.


I read about one collector who usually used tongs. I suppose that would be okay too, but I would still be worried about handling the notes in and out of holders.

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Banknote are usually too large to handle with tongs, tongs can easily put a fold in them if you are not careful. Tongs are best with something small like stamps. I agree with both TDP and Dave above that you should minimize touching the notes, but clean hands are usually good enough. Like TDP above, I touch my more expensive notes only on the sides/let them rest on my palm lightly, if they are out of sleeves.

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