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Does anyone know what should be on the rim?


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A while back I posted an 1878 Hessen 10 gold Mark coin on the Grading Challenge forum and received some very helpful advice. As my interest is mainly in early Liberty Head Dollars and the like I decided to sell it on, via e-bay. I accepted a best offer for it which

meant I just about broke even, which I wasn't worried about. The buyer has now stated that the coin was not as described and is saying that there is no Arabesque pattern on the rim, and that the rim is nicked (damaged) stating that it has probably been mechanically treated to fit a medallion with a chain (which I do not understand).


I have seen many coins that have been inside mounts and if they are damaged then they tend to have 3 or 4 areas where the lugs have been, and I don't think that this shows that type of damage. I have asked for photos of the area that he is concerned about which he has sent but they are of poor quality and I cannot judge anything.


However, what I am trying to discover, and I cannot seem to find any information out there, is what exactly should there be on the rims of these coins. What sort of Arabesque pattern is he talking about. Does anyone know? Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Many thanks








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