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A couple of money makers and a nice one!

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A sort of strange medal made up for the non collector market newspaper collector!
Since the items covered were two years apart.
Here is another that I couldn't pass up, as it is a gold plated Ike, on one side of the framing. On the other side of the frame it is hawked as an Apollo dollar. Was probably sold in the newspapers as a two for collectable.
And another nicer Apollo medal


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Wow! How high is the relief on the Michigan coin?


Well with the digital caliper's depth gauge in the area of the edge of the coin and the Indians shoulder it is 0.73mm to 0.75mm by the French mean's shoulder and edge of coin. Some of the photo's of the others aren't any deeper than other minting's.


They came in Sterling and Antique Bronze, about 38mm in dia. They were part of the bi centennial collection series of states. When you bought them you became a member of the American Bicentennial Society. 11 assorted states with some strange reasons for the medallions. Some were nothing more than the governors medals celebrating. Including George Wallace of Alabama.

Don't know of they were a real big money maker for the Lincoln Mint @ 1 S Wacker Drive.

Since it came with all the paper work and the envelope.

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