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coin rolls

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Welcome to CoinPeople. Interesting question. I'll try to help. This is for US coins only.



From the bank/credit union, etc. -- Rolls of change are fun to search for goodies but you do have to have an idea about what you're looking for. First when I search half dollar rolls - all silver of course. Most silver in halfs is easily id'd. I'm guessing you know all about that but for anyone who might not know -All halfs 1964 and before are silver. 1965-1970 Kennedys are 40% silver == great keepers. Once in a while you'll also find commemorative halfs that are silver or have value beyond the 50 cents they represent. Best to consult a RedBook for ideas on these.


Quarters - again the simplest approach silver coins are 1964 and before. There are "S" mint silver quarters produced for special Proof Sets but to determine if an "S" mint dime is silver you'll have to use a scale. Again check the RedBook.


Nickels -- Silver nickels exist from WWII timeframe. You can tell by the large mintmark centered over the dome on the reverse. I save ALL nickels as believe that nickel will soon be far too expensive for the Mint to continue the 5 cent coin.


Dimes - Silver 1964 and before. Also "S" mint later years that you can tell by weight.


Cents -- I save everything before 1983.


I hope this helps. Of course you also look for any special date coins you need to fill slots in your collection or any obvious errors and such.

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Thanks for the info :D


You're welcome. I hope that you'll let us share the adventure with you. Post some info about your searches and finds.

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