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m-dv.ru - Bad news

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So they've gone ahead and completely redesigned their website. Yes it looks fancier, but as far as I can tell, a *lot* of information is no longer accessible. In particular, the archive summary of past auctions by Country/Auction House and the archive of Prices Realized files - all gone. Looks a lot more commercial....were they sold?


If anybody knows those guys, could you ask them what happened and/or please complain bitterly on my behalf. It really is a loss.






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The problem is that I think now you can *only* see prices for a single type of coin after you've selected it and chosen the year/tsar (yes...that was always true).


However, they also *used* to have the 'Archive' where they showed all auction houses - on a single page - sorted by country. You clicked on an auction house - you got all the auctions for that house. You chose a single auction - you got all of the Russian lots for that auction. And they gave a link to their own html and xls files containing the prices realized for that auction.


All of that seems to be gone, and that is the problem. However, if it is all still there, please indicate where because I for one don't see it. Thanks.

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One of our learned colleagues on this forum wrote to our friends at at m-dv.ru. They confirmed that the archive is presently not directly reachable (but it still exists) and that this is a temporary situation and we can expect a link to it soon. Brilliant. :yes:

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i did not like new design but knew that all will stay what they collected

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