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Books on cleaning coins

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Older one from Europe, still being published by Durst, in the USA

This is a compilation of his articles on cleaning and toning that have been published in the coin press and his Do it yourself toning experiment!

A word on what seems the eagerness of some sellers ripping people off with over priced books. Here are a couple great search engines that search book sites and compare them for you.


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I find that the best books are the ones w/fewest pages.

Also, curious how they show a BU '93 1/2 eagle in a book concerning mutuilation.

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The book you are referring to is a grouping of his articles that he has written and the experiments he has carried out on cleaning and toning from numerous coin publications. If you think that you haven't bought cleaned/restored and aged coins from on line and LCS stores you are only kidding your self.


I found both of interest because there is so much B.S. on the net and forums about cleaning/restoring coins. There have been alot of information taken out of context from metal arts and jewelry forums and sites. having spent the better part of 40 years in the jewelry/metal arts hobby using the items discussed.


I find it sad that there are so many LITOMS on the forums, that don't jack about diddly when it comes to what should and shouldn't be used. By the way (Legends In Their Own Minds)


Not all solutions react the same way, with all metals

That vinegar is Acetic Acid

That adding salt (Sodium Chloride) to vinegar, is an very old rust patina speeder upper, for ferrous containing alloys.

That using mustard,ketchup, and pickle juice to clean coins borders on the silly. Since all contain VINEGAR which is what removes the age patina form the metal.

That toning is one of the biggest boatloads of silly reasons to pay a premium for coins IMO, because it is easy to induce. Which if you read Mr. Whites book he explains toning coins to what ever degree you want in hours. With household items for the most part.

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