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penny strike on a dime planchet ?


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I am sitting here with 53 rolls of pennies beside me, have been searching there them for a while now and just came across a interesting penny, its a 1962 penny but seems like it was struck on a dime planchet. its the same size of the dime but even a bit thinner then my 1964 silver dime (don't have a 62 dime) has the same sound of the silver dimes but looks to be coated with copper.


this a known error or any one have any ideas on this coin? sorry no photo's unfortunately, if it is a genuine mint error, would be my first Canadian error coin ;)


on a side note have also had decent luck already with this batch.. 2 wheat cents 1 being 1936, 1941 CND penny which I was missing along with several other 40's & 50's + better grades


only 12 rolls left now :ninja:

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