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Determining Coin Value


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I usually use Ebay. It's easy to see what most common coins are really selling for vs. some "book value".

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In reality this is a really, really almost impossible question to answer. Many people say to use Numismedia web site. Others say just look at ebay. Naturally ebay is what many coins could, should, might, may, etc. be selling for. HOWEVER, not all coins are listed on ebay. Not all coins are actually what they are so called stated as either. And since it is based on bidding, the values are only as good as how dumb or stupid or smart someone is that bids on a coin. There are many, many places that attempt to state the value of a coin. HOWEVER, again, these are all just guides. No one really knows or can state the REAL value of something that has no true value except what is stamped on the thing. For example a Dime with the 1916D date on a Mercury type coin is really only worth 1/10th of a dollar. It says so right on the Dime. It is only TEN CENTS. Yet people will pay from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars for that coin.

You have to rememeber that many items have a manufacturer's suggested list price on them. Not really the price, but a suggested price. That item could sell for more, the same as stated or less than that price. BUT it is a start at what it could, should, might be worth. Yet all coins only have the value on them that they are intended to represent. Coins were not supposed to be the item for selling, but the item used to buy and sell. A coin or anything is worth primarily what someone will pay for that item and that is what that item is worth.

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Just to add to what Carl was saying: Ebay will give you an average price. For some things it will get enough bidders that prices will be close to the maximum based on demand but for some things that are rare or where confidence matters other venues generate higher values though the process tends to take longer.

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