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Straits settlements 50 cents silver coin with extra metal variety?Interesting

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I would like to say hi to everyone in this forum once again and I have a piece of straits settlements 1921 KGV 50 cents silver coin with extra metal raised up on the face beside the ear on obverse side there.I would think that the metal raised up is a cud because it is huge and obvious clearly can be noticed by me and I think it is probably a variety.I have compared it with more than one hundred pieces but none of them are exactly look like this one and it is certainly not common on the straits settlements silver coins.It is really looks unusual to me and never seen anything like this before as a coin collector so far.



It really looks interesting and certainly unusual to me but I am not sure if this is considered as a variety,rare and new discovery or not on the straits settlements silver coins because I am not a coin expert,that is why I need help from the experts to identify it and also tell me what happened to it during the processing period,your personal opinion and explanation in detail are also needed by your reply.I would think it is a new discovery for this piece.The difference cross with normal cross showing on the second scan below and see carefully there.Please check it out on the scans below and let me know what you think.Thank you







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