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Star note packs and repeaters


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I have a few things I'd like to clear out for the upcoming holiday season. Here I have some repeaters and fancy serial numbered banknotes. All are xf-unc except the older red seals. You guys can judge their grade, I'm not perfect with currency.


This first pack of 100 consecutive star notes also includes a repeater in the pack.

Asking $165.00 shipped for this pack.




Regular consecutive 100 star notes, asking $155.00 shipped.



Next is a set of 4 repeaters. The one in the bottom left has a little crinkled look, it must have taken a trip in someone's wallet. Asking $20.00 shipped.



Next is a pair of fancy numbers, one a mirror the other a fancy pseudo repeater, just a neat pair. Asking $15.00 shipped.



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And here are the others.


This is a series of laddered repeaters. A rather odd series of notes. Asking $20.00 for the set.



This lot is just a bunch of odd numbers that are almost repeaters, haha. Hey it's a bunch of nice 2006 notes anyway. Asking $13.00 shipped.



Here is a pair of repeaters. Not the best shape but still nice. Asking $8.00 shipped.



Last set of these. A nice pair of repeaters from similar packs. A nice pair, interesting combo. Asking $15.00 shipped



Lastly are some old red seals and whatnot. Asking $35.00 shipped



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