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Silver Frederick The Great Medal-Seeking Info


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Hi I am new to the site and thought that I would try to see if someone might be able to help with some info on a medal I purchased a while ago. I ran across this site about a year ago while researching a medal of Frederick the Great Dated 1757 Commemorating the Battle of Prague.I was directed to this site by google as a member had purchased a similar one and was seeking information it. I have since purchased three of these medals 2 in bronze and one in silver, and while I have found the Bronze variety to be quite common I have never seen another silver or found any information on it, which leads to my question, Is this medal scarce in silver and is there an existing reference book for these medals. My medal while not in great shape is the only silver one that i have seen so far so I am glad to have it. I will try to attach photos to help identify it (if that is possible here) Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken scan0025.jpgscan0026.jpg

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Die Medaillen auf Friedrichs des Großen von Preußen 1712 bis 1786 by Manfred Olding http://www.amazon.de...2/dp/3924861714

A bing translation "Manfred Olding has made a name for himself not only as coin dealer, but is also a proven connoisseur of coins Frederick II of Prussia., as evidenced by its 1987-published work. Already mid-80's, he began the great and his family environment, which can be presented to collectors and coin trading after more than 25 years with the preparation of a comprehensive book of Medal of Friedrich. The author sought to capture every matter how remote contemporary Medal on the subject of Frederick II, king of Prussia. He appreciated the far scattered relevant literature and a variety of private collections, visited the large European Münzkabinette and noted the relevant stocks, where each copy is meticulously described, measured, and weighed. The result of this immense effort is a catalogue work that leaves hardly be desired! In addition to best illustrate each full-scale every medal is accurately described and with site certificates for all metal versions. Through unique numbering enables the full citation ability of the medal work, what appreciate collectors and coin trade. This medal catalogue which have set standards is rounded off by biographies of medal artists referred to in the book, a detailed register of transcription, as well as the translations of the Latin and Swedish implementation and inscriptions on the medals"


You might find this of interest http://www.coinpeopl...what-are-these/ the engraver was Holtzhey.

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