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Prince Regent 1814 Copy/Reducing Lines

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BHM#823 The Peace of Paris, R.

Fauver page 39/40: Geo P.W. 1814-1b (P) 24mm R-8.

Obv. Uniformed bust of the Prince Regent bare head left. H.R.H GEORGE PRINCE OF WALES. P. R. T.

Rev. Inscription within open wreath WELLINGTON / ALEXANDER / BLUCHER / PEACE / 1814

I posted another example earlier but this one is far superior, in fact it is the best one that I have seen, topping that for me though is shown in the following picture!



Took some playing with the light & angles etc to fully capture the copy/reducing lines.

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"In 1790, Boulton learned of the die-engraving machine of Jean Baptiste Bartlemey Dupeyrat (1759-1834) and obtained one for his Soho Mint. It was utilized there to do what it did in other mints – reducing the main device from an oversize metal pattern, then employed hand engravers to add lettering and small symbols by hand punches"


So yes, those lines are from the reducing machine.


Check this old post http://www.coinpeopl...__fromsearch__1


One of the pictures from that post, I have posted quite a number of these medals with these "lines" as I try to collect them and also find examples of the same medal with more finishing to the die. If you find a medal with the lines and some unfinished details and then find another example of the same medal struck with the lines polished out & some more detail added then you know the first example was from an unharden die which then had more engraving done.


Mine(on the left) has copy/reducing lines, centre point of turning, is struck from an unfinished die, unfinished face, hair etc, 'E's missing elements etc the other two(from the British Museum) show the die had more engraving done before they were struck.




This one shows the lines extremely well and a later strike which also shows more finishing done to the die.


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