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50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Göta Canal silver medal, 1832-1882

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Swedish 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Göta Canal silver medal by Lea Ahlborn, 1882(dated 1829 in Roman numerals for von Platen's death) 31mm

Obv: Bust left of von Platen, LEA AHLBORN below bust. B. B. VON PLATEN COMES.

Rev: Von Platen standing with a map showing the Göta canal. PANDO VIAS MARIUM ET POPULORUM FOEDERA FIRMO.



Count Baltzar Bogislaus von Platen (1766–1829) was a Swedish naval officer and statesman. Following the revolution in 1809 he became a member of Government and, in the following year, received a promotion to Rear Admiral. He was also made chairman of the Göta Canal Directorate charged with constructing a canal across Sweden linking the Baltic to the Atlantic, he himself had been extolling the virtues of the project since 1806. The canal, designed by Thomas Telford, who assisted in its construction, would only be completed in 1832, after von Platen's death in 1829. The coming of the railway in 1855 dealt a servere blow to the canal from which it never really recovered but now it is a great recreational & tourist attraction.


Lea Ahlborn(18 February 1826 – 13 November 1897) a famous female Swedish artist & medalist. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, and the first woman to be appointed royal printmaker. The position of royal printmaker was a public office making her the first female official in Sweden.

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