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Counting jetons or rechenpfennigs (in the Russian language)


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Many thanks!


Great that Google helps. In Russian there is a lack of info on the matter.

I know just the only one catalog that covers Nuremberg jetons of so called "russika" theme, I've mentioned it at http://s4erbinin.ru/russia. By the way it is in English and German as well - really great edition of year 2012.


I will develop my site so welcome later.

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Very nice items! And condition is perfect.

I have them too in my collection but the second with a slightly different obverse and the first one in a bit worse condition and with a small hole - someone used it as a decoration.

Wnen I'm back home (sunday) I can scan and post here descriptions of your jetons from the Rossika catalog, there may be some additional useful info.


I will expand info about "Rossika" jetons at my site soon.


And sure please do post here any others when you get them!


I have taken a look at your collection, it is very good and huge. I guess it has taken a lot of time and efforts to make it!

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I've noticed that you use some other site to show your collection.

I had tried to use gallery here but got a notice that I had no permission to make an album.

I don't know why.


Could you please suggest what is the best way to make a gallery?

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Not sure on the gallery question, as you saw I use Photobucket for the pics I post here, free service & large file sizes, and some of my collection is on omnicoin, though I have not added anything to that site since spring 2011 & I am also behind on my Photobucket but only by a couple of months.


Perhaps you need more posts? Hopefully someone will answer that for you but be aware that the files you can host on this site are very small! Hence why I use another service.


I would be very grateful for any info on my jetons, thanks.

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It is a very interesting topic. I've never heard about this guy, thank you for a splendid information.

I've surfed the russian internet - nothing is available at first sight.

I wonder how many replicas have been made by means of this technology!

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