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George P.O.W. Prince Regent 1814 Peace of Paris by Kettle.

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BHM#823 The Peace of Paris

Obv. Uniformed bust of the Prince Regent, bare head left. H.R.H GEORGE PRINCE WALES. P. R. T.

Rev. Inscription within open wreath WELLINGTON / ALEXANDER / BLUCHER / PEACE / 1814

AE, Br. 25 by ? AE R, Br. R.

That is how I would have posted this, engraver unknown, until I acquired the book... Exonumia symbolism & classification: A catalogue of Kettle Pieces and an examination of the symbolism and classification of Kettle Pieces and of American Exonumia of the Hard Times, Compromise, and Civil War periods by L. B. Fauver(1982)

Fauver attributes this to Thomas Kettle, based on the "E" punch used, type 2 with a drooping middle serif(which first made its appearance in 1814) and is clearly seen in the last "E" in George. He also rates it as rarity R-8, only 5-10 known....but he cautions that his ratings might have to be adjusted if more examples are found. This contrasts with Brown's R. for rare, I must say that, even with my very limited experience, I think Fauver is closer in his rarity rating.

Fauver page 39/40: Geo P.W. 1814-1b (P) 24mm R-8.

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