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Eisenhower Commemorative


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These are two different Dwight David Eisenhower Commemorative $5 Uncirculated coins,

I won them from two different sellers, and I won them both for 99 cents each LOL

Looked around and only found a few ranging, from $10.00 to around $20.00


The history of these two coins is really something and I still can not believe how I lucked out on them both.

All the best





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Very nice coins Alan. If you are putting together a set of Eisenhower commemoratives, don't forget the US Eisenhower Commemorative and of course the Eisenhower Dollars. The Dollar comes in silver and clad versions.



1974S PR68DCAM Ike 2 by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



The following is the Eisenhower Commemorative Dollar from Mark Stilson's Omnicoin collection.



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I love proof Ike's! I have probably 16-17 of the brown box Ike's I've bought over the years. Most around $5-$8 each! I did splurge on one that was nearly all blue toned reverse, $10 :)

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