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Cook Islands Rare or Elusive 2007 Lord Nelson Coins


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Hello folks,

I have just joined coin people, so if make any blunders please let me know !!


I am not sure if I am in the right forum for an information request, but here goes...


I have been am trying to find a Cook Island series of Coins and after several hours searching I am no wiser, so I am hoping that somebody may be able to help me.


The 2007 1 Dollar Coins that I am looking for information on is I think called "The life of Nelson (admiral not Mandella)


I have trawled through google for several hours and have come up with a couple of single examples that match and contacted the seller who is also not sure about these coins.


I have also found 2 of the coins in Krause world coins 2012 but they were only copper nickel England expects that every man will do his duty KM# 733 & KM# 734


I am looking for a set of 8 Coins from the cook Islands, I have the set boxed as a recent acquisition, I think they are Silver proof Gold plated coins that all depict different scenes but with no test to inform of the scenes, although I know that one of them depicts Nelson at Tenerife and another is called "The Nelson touch..


I will leave it at that and add a couple of pictures as they say a picture paints and thousand words.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Regards to all, Peter

It would not let me upload the reverse of the coin as the file was too big at 38kb ?? See below + two attached



nelson h.jpg

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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople.


What is it that you are trying to discover about this collection? Metal content? Mintage? Value? Krauss #s? Purchase source?

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Hello Art1.2


What is it that you are trying to discover about this collection? Metal content? Mintage? Value? Krauss #s? Purchase source?


Many thanks for your post...


Whilst reading my original message again I can see that I was not specific enough, apologies for that.


I am looking to find out what metals these were struck in, my hunch is that they are gold plated, but like many coins they may well have been struck in various metal contents, I would like to think that they are Gold plated Silver proofs.


I have seen a couple of copper nickel versions from the same series, and have seen a Silver proof too that is currently for sale for £49


Looking closer at the coins, I now see that there are two the same, so sadly not a full set with a double in it.


Yes, ideally I am looking for confirmation of metal content, KM numbers, and mintage would also help towards some kind of authenticity to the collection, instead of just a box of gold coloured coins.


I am guessing that the mintage on these is probably quite low based on the fact that I met a stone wall when trying to pin them down.


I didn't give a weight in my first posting, which didn't help, but they are around British crown size, and on my cheap jewellery scales, they read 28.28 gms.


Thanks again,

Regards Peter

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