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Hello - Sentimental magazine medallions

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I'm new to the forum and quite new to coin, medal and token collecting. I am currently finishing off my sentimental magazine medallions collection and was wanting your thoughts on what to collect next? I've loved collecting them and was lucky to obtain a silver medallion fr my collection.


Just wanted to say hi and get our expertise and thoughts on what to do next.


Many thanks and kind regards,



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Hi, welcome :art:


Glad you are on your way to complete the set, I would love to see pic's of your silver example, is it soilded silver or just silvered as mine is?




One of the reasons I was attracted to them was because of the small number involved in completing the set, the subjects were also of interest to me, as was the history of the magazine & the quality of the engraving by John Kirk was the icing on the cake. There is no other small set quite like this, from around that era, to collect, Dassier offers some possibilities but on a much larger scale.


Perhaps conder tokens(18th century provincial tokens) would be an area that would interest you. It is a large collecting field but you can chose just a narrower area within it, such as ships, people, Pidcock's tokens, buildings etc. The small brass tokens/medalets issued during the Napoleonic era, both British &/or European, might also be something to consider.


Have you acquired one of these copies by G.B. for your set?


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YEAH! I've been hoping you would reply to my post constantius. Your post from 2008 was one of the reasons I started collecting this series . Even though I only saw your post about 6 months to a year go as I am quite new to coin collecting. I have been addicted to complete this series.


I still have three medallions to collect including marquis of granby so still have a way to go yet. I have a number of duplicates as I am always looking out for better quality medallions to the ones I have as well. Looking or something ese to collect in the runtime as it might be another year until I complete my collection as you never know when they are going to turn up.


I have a silver (solid silver) queen Charlotte of great Britain. I will try post pictures on here or directly to you as I've had problems uplifting photos on here later on. It's exactly the same as the copper one obverse and reverse.


I thought about conder tokens but didn't really excite me like these ones, but might think about the napoleonic era as i have a lovel 1814 defeat of napoleon Commemorative kettle medal already.


So glad you responded to my post and nice to find someone who loves these medallions as much as me.


Will upload photos later.



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Congrats on your silver Queen Charlotte :drool:


Sorry if I helped your slide into 'exonumia' addiction but glad to have found another enthusiast.


The best way to post pictures here is to join Photobucket(free) or a similar free picture hosting service and post a link here. That way there is no size restriction etc. If you need any help in that regard just ask away.


Good luck with completing the Sentimentals, what are the other 2 you need beside the Marquis?

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