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Numismatic Idol - Week Four

Guest Stujoe

Which coin wins this week?  

  1. 1. Which coin wins this week?

    • Encased, Irradiated Roosevelt Dime
    • Original Design, Jefferson Nickel Commemorative

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<center>Week Four: Who should advance to next week's competition?</center>


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The Defending Champion:


An easy win over the Seated Lady has the Neutron President feeling confident. What it lacks in a reverse, the Encased, Irradiated Roosevelt Dime more that makes up for with its own convenient holder.




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This Week's Challenger:


Hoping that its SEGS slab proves impenetrable to the Champion's neutron rays; the Full Step Nickel Club, 2002, Original Design, Jefferson Nickel commemorative steps onto the stage.




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The idea behind this is a lighthearted competition between two coins every week. You vote on which one you like the best.


The coin with the most votes moves on to the next week's cometition against a new coin. In the event of a tie, the defending champion wins.


We will see if this idea takes off or sinks like a Led Zeppelin. :ninja:


If you have a Challenger out of your collection that you would like to enter, just let me know.


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