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Couple of Banknote books

Balaji Murthy

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I want to briefly post about 2 books that I recently got.


1) Revised Standard Reference Guide to the Indian Paper Money, by Rezwan Razack and Kishore Jhunjhunwalla, 2012


For those interested in Indian Paper Money, this revised edition is the definitive reference and elevates the content of an already formidable first edition. While it contains everything a reference of this nature should, a unique new feature of this book is the documentation and reproduction of the watermarks for each issue. Some details can be seen here http://indianbanknot...e-guide-to.html


2) "УЧЕНЫЕ НА МОНЕТАХ МИРА" or "Scientists on World Currency" By Alexander Vasiliev, 2005


This intriguing book details "eminent astronomers, mathematicians and physicists" on regular and commemorative coins and banknotes of the world. There are a total of 170 coins and 75 banknotes listed featuring a total of 86 personalities. This is the first such book that I have seen that deals with a specialized topic like this, very much in line with the fascinating animal banknote series that has been presented right here on coinpeople.


Unfortunately, the book is written in Russian which I am not familiar with, so I am a little handicapped in presenting a worthwhile review. Also, since I do not collect coins, I am not able to appreciate that part of the book, but the banknote section is really wonderful. I know I will spend some time to check my collection for items from this book.


Anyone else familiar with this (2nd) book? I would love to get some other impressions.


Also, would love to hear about more such specialized and esoteric areas.

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