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1877 Rubel Fake or Not


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From a picture, it is sometimes possible to determine that a coin is fake. However, it is not possible to prove that a coin is genuine merely by looking at pictures of it.


I don't see anything wrong with this one, but that doesn't really mean anything in light of what I have just said. It could be just a filled die error at the bottom of the letter "Б". There is a somewhat rare variety of the 1897 rouble which has missing bottom parts on two letters, probably also from a filled die.


Or, it might be fake ... as Candidate said, there are three sides to every coin. And there is the matter of weight, proper metal, little details not visible in small pictures, etc.

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Thanks for commenting


I post the link of the coin which is ended now. You can see all picture there.




there is another one interesting coin too I would like to show from the same seller. Please have a look. I don't know anything much about this one because i've never had.

The other thing is about the seller that he has some other coins which looks a bit suspicious not just to me ( Greece Drachma and some old Germany Thaler)

One thing is that a lot of coins he had have the same color and patina.




Thanks for answering me

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Both coins are genuine.

1877ÍI Rouble is nice, though of course not an "UNC"... and was priced about right ($150-$200).

1829 Rouble looks nice too and was sold rather cheap; it should be around $250-$300.

I see nothing wrong about color - it looks rather yellowish probably because seller's photocamera parameters (as "white balance") were not set properly.

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