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1981 New Zealand mint identification


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I have recently been looking at some 1981 circulation issues of the New Zealand 20 cent coin. The Standard Catalog of World Coins indicates that the circulation issues are supposed to have oval holes in the 8 while the set issues have round holes in the 8. Well, the holes in the circulation issues sure look round to me. Does the catalog have the round and oval hole difference reversed, or is the difference so subtle it is difficult to pick up without major magnification? Does anyone have a 1981 mint set to check?





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Martin Purdy of New Zealand posted the following on a New Zealand numismatic site:



I have no idea where SCWC gets that particular wording from. I did an article for the NZNJ in 2004 on "Telling the mints apart" for coins dated 1980-85, and wrote the following regarding 1981:


"This is the hardest of the six years to distinguish by major design features. The top of the 8 appears slightly broader on the "set" coins, with slightly larger holes." Looking at the image in the Journal, the upper loop on the 8 appears thicker in the circulation coin's date (which would account for the slightly smaller looking hole), but that's pretty much it.


Another of our members has done work on differences in the fonts used for the letters themselves between the various mints, which was some years after that article was published. It should be here on the NZCCA site somewhere ...

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