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We just came into some overstock on some NGC Grading Guide for Modern U.S. Coins: Grading Tips & Census Report. This 144 page spiral bound soft-cover book is the 1st Edition from 2004 and retailed for $14.95 in its day. The first forty pages go into an overview of collecting and grading, as well as U.S. Mint products. The remainder of the book goes into a brief discussion of grading each modern denomination along with the then current census report from NGC. This is a good primer book for new collectors and collectors new to third party grading.


We are offering each NGC book shipped for $3.99 for the first book and $1.49 each additional book.

We are currently overstocked on small dollar, nickel, and American Eagle Silver coin slabs. These slabs are produced by Miller Hobby and retail for $1.25 each. They are clear plastic 2x3" slab-like holder with white inserts. They snap together and apart with plenty of room for labeling.


We are offering each slab for only $0.59 each with a flat shipping of $1.99 per shipment, any quantity.


We also have 9 The Expert's Guide to Collecting & Investing in Rare Coins available. This hardback book by Q. David Bowers gives an extensive look into numismatics from both a hobbyist and investor viewpoint. With over 600 pages filled with information, this book is useful for the expert and beginner alike. This book has a $29.95 cover price.


We are offering these Expert's Guide books for only $14.99 shipped for the first book, and $9.99 for each additional.


If anyone is interested, we still have some 2008 spiral bound Red Books available for $3.99 shipped for the first book, and $1.99 each additional.


Finally, we have ten H.E. Harris Presidential Dollars (2012-2016) Coin Folders. These are for $3.99 shipped for the first folder, $1.49 each additional.


When figuring shipping, the highest shipped price for the first book, then the additional price for everything else. For instance, an Expert's Guide, 3 Presidential Folders, 10 NGC books, and 25 nickel slabs will cost only $49.11 shipped:


$14.99 Expert's Guide

$ 4.47 Presidential Folders ($1.49 X 3)

$14.90 NGC Guides ($1.49 x 10)

$14.75 nickel slabs ($0.59 x 25)




PM me for availability and ordering as well as any questions you may have! Thank you for looking!

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