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Admiral Henrik af Trolle 1784

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Medal commemorating Admiral Henrik af Trolle (1730-1784).

Obverse: Head of Admiral Trolle (right), below: 'TROLLE', below, on right, the Star of Knight Commander of the Order of the Sword.

Reverse: An antique rudder placed upright between two dolphins, all within pearled border, above 1780.

Edge: (stamped): GIFVEN 1784 AF AMIRALITETET(Conferred by the Admiralty).

Truncation: signed CF. for Carl Gustaf Fehrman 1746-1809.

AE 27mm (it was also struck on thinner 27mm & 24mm planchets minus edge inscription) it was commissioned by the Swedish Admiralty & distributed at a memorial celebration in Karlskrona on 30 December 1784.



Henrik Trolle was born in 1730, his father was an admiral in the Swedish navy who sent Henrik, when he was aged 10, to serve in the navy. Serving with distinction he rose through the ranks until in 1770 he became right-handman to the Commander of the Swedish Archipelago Fleet called at that time "fleet of the army" used for rapid coastal defence. By 1772 he was given command of the fleet & enobled which allowed him to use "af" before his surname. In 1780 he was raised to the rank of General Admiral, hence the date on the medal. He died 1784 in Stockholm.

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