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Welcome to CoinPeople :art:


I am pleased to inform you that the medal is BHM# 975.

Obv. Bare head of Princess Victoria, left. Above: PRINCESS Below VICTORIA

Rev. Crowned lion standing left. Above BORN MAY 24 Below: 1819

AE 17mm RRRR.(for the highest rarity) from British Historical Medals Vol. 1 by Lawrence Brown.


This is the only medal commemorating her birth.


Named Alexandrina Victoria at birth, the official documents prepared on the first day of her reign in 1837 described her as Alexandrina Victoria, but the first name was withdrawn at her wish and not used again. So she reigned as Queen Victoria.

Most of the medals for her majority in 1837 call her Alexandrina Victoria, though a couple just use Victoria, as perhaps people were becoming aware of her preference to be called by that name.

One of the 1837 accession medals calls her Alexandrina Victoria, this leads me to believe that though your small medal is dated 1819 it was probably produced sometime after 1819, perhaps as late as 1837 or beyond, as in 1819 it should have read Princess Alexandrina.


This does not mean that it is particularly valuable, but a great historical piece :bthumbsup:

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