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World coins for sale + bullion silver

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Following lists has been updated:


Modern world coins Updated: 01.05.2011 http://www.kunanumis.com/list-coins.xls


World banknotes Updated: 27.04.2011 http://www.kunanumis.com/list-banknotes.xls


Lists you can also find on: www.KunaNumis.com


We have in offer silver coins by bullion price. They are specially marked in the list in column M: Bullion price!

Current silver market price is 1,03 EUR for gram of pure silver.


Please send your order to: Info@KunaNumis.com or Zlatko.Viscevic@KunaNumis.com


If you are interested in only few items (not enough to realise the order), please just let us know and we will reserve them for you until your next order.


Best regards,



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