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Hi, can anyone please help. My uncle recently asked me to sell this coin for him as he is trying to pay for his heating this winter! Anyway, i really know nothing about coins and thought i should seek expert advise. Here's a description.


It's a commemorative coin from Nasa Challenger missions. On one side it has the text 'Kennedy Space Center Florida' around the top, 'August 30, 1983' around the bottom and the image in the center is the Challenger mission emblem (i think). On the other side the is an image of the space shuttle with it's cargo bay door open and retrieving a satellite. The text on this side read 'The new Era of Space Exploration'.

It is still in its original plastic case and in a wooden presentation box with blue felt interior. There is a small certificate stuck on the inside lid that states that this coin is 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The whole wooden case is still in it's blue presentation cardboard box. it is all in mint condition.


Here are some pictures.







Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

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